Máy điện tim 03 cần màn hình màu ZQ-1203G

Mã SP: ZQ-1203G

Đạt tiêu chuẩn: ISO, CE

Call: 0988.557.229

Simultaneous acquisition of 12-lead ECG data, 12 leads waveform display and print by segment

4.3 inch color LCD screen

Manual\Auto 3CH, 3CH+1R printing, 60 Sec arrhythmia waveform Analysis and 5 Minutes arrhythmia waveform Analysis

Auto Analysis and Auto Measurement, waveform can be reviewed.

Three channel printing( 80mm recorder paper), chest waveform is uncompressed  and easy to readable

200 ECG data storage, SD card support

Alarm of electrodes breaking off, body diagram indicate the unconnected lead area

V1,V3,V5 chest lead examination mode, easy operation. It can record one case ECG data in 9 seconds. It is very useful for the large-scale Examination.

Standard configurations:

Main machine: 1 unit

Patient cable: 1 unit

Limb electrode (Adult): 1set (4pcs)

Chest electrode (Adult):1set( 6pcs)

Power cable: 1unit

80mm recording paper

Optional: SD card, ECG-20NT digital ECG work station, Child-specific electrode

Máy điện tim 3 cần ZQ -1203G

Máy điện tim 3 cần ZQ -1203G